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Port Orchard Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary: Adopt a Lovable Cockatiel Today!

Looking for a feathered companion to brighten up your life? Your search ends here! Welcome to Port Orchard Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary, where we are thrilled to introduce Cricket, an adorable Cockatiel in search of a forever home filled with love and care.

🌟 Meet Cricket, Your Charming Avian Friend! 🌟

Cricket, our delightful Cockatiel, is eagerly awaiting a compassionate family to shower them with affection and provide a safe haven. Having settled in at our sanctuary, Cricket is now ready to spread their wings and bring joy to a lucky adoptive family.

Why Choose Cricket?

🎶 Melodic Virtuoso: Prepare to be enchanted by Cricket’s enchanting songs and delightful whistles. Their melodic tunes will create a harmonious ambiance in your home.

🌈 Vibrant Plumage: Admire the stunning array of colors adorning Cricket’s feathers, a testament to the beauty of nature’s artwork.

🐦 Sociable and Playful: Cricket is a social butterfly, and they thrive in the company of caring humans. Enjoy hours of playful interactions and bonding.

💕 Heartwarming Bond: By adopting Cricket from Port Orchard Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary, you are not only gaining a loving companion but also giving a second chance to a bird in need.

Why Choose Port Orchard Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary?

🛡️ Caring and Trustworthy: At Port Orchard Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary, we hold the well-being of our feathered friends in the highest regard. Our team of dedicated experts ensures that each bird receives top-notch care and attention.

🏡 Thorough Adoption Process: We take great care in selecting the perfect forever home for our beloved birds, ensuring a happy and fulfilling life for both the adopter and the adopted.

📚 Education and Support: As part of our commitment to responsible pet ownership, we offer valuable insights and ongoing support to all adopters, ensuring a smooth transition for you and Cricket.

📞 Contact Us Today!

Open your heart and home to Cricket and make a lifelong connection. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to adopt a charming Cockatiel from Port Orchard Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary. For more information or to begin the adoption process, please call us at (360) 876-6263 or visit during normal business hours at 595 Bethel Avenue, Port Orchard, Washington.

Experience the joy of avian companionship with Port Orchard Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary. 🦜❤️

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  1. We would love to be considered for adoption! We have a green cheek conure and are looking to get him a buddy

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