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Who’s That Guy?

Introducing “Nathan”, our new AI bot who is enabled to answer questions about Port Orchard Parrots Plus, Port Orchard Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary, and all of the information available on Not only that, but “Nathan” can answer general questions regarding just about anything related to parrots and exotic pets! The great thing about Nathan isn’t just what he knows, but how he learns from what he doesn’t know.

Nathan speaks English by default, but if you’re visiting from a non-English-speaking location Nathan will automatically detect that and will speak to you from the start in your own language. Added to the Google translation tool that has been available on our site for many months now, we are moving closer and closer to having be a truly global source of products and information.

You’ll find Nathan in the lower-right corner of every page at, ready to help no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Give him a try and see if he has the answer to YOUR questions.

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