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Meet Fox and Lynx: Charming Cockatiels Ready for Adoption at Port Orchard

Exciting news for bird lovers! Port Orchard Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary has welcomed two charming cockatiels into their family, both of whom are seeking their forever homes.

Meet Fox, a vibrant pied cockatiel with a personality as colorful as his feathers. At 12 years old, Fox carries a demeanor of maturity and grace. He’s a male who has been hand-tamed, making him an exceptionally friendly companion ready to bond with his new owner. Whether you’re sitting on the couch reading or bustling around the kitchen, Fox is the perfect feathery friend to have by your side, eager for a gentle scratch or a moment of shared quiet.

Joining Fox is Lynx, a striking five-year-old white-faced cockatiel. While he might be a bit hand shy, Lynx has no reservations about lifting spirits with his beautiful singing. His vocal talents make him a delightful addition to any home, serenading you with sweet melodies that are sure to enchant anyone who has the pleasure of listening. Over time, with patience and gentle interaction, Lynx will likely warm up to a more hands-on approach to companionship.

Both Fox and Lynx are currently available for adoption and are eager to meet potential families who will love and cherish them. If you have a spot in your heart and home for a feathered friend, consider making it for one of these lovely birds.

For those interested in meeting Fox, Lynx, or any of the other wonderful birds in need of a loving home, visit Port Orchard Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary. Here, you can learn more about the joys of adopting and caring for a rescued bird and perhaps find a new companion who will bring song and joy into your life.

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