Shipping ETA times in covid delays

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      Tyler WhiteTyler White

      Just a curious customer wondering the eta on an order placed the 16th of this month October. Im totally understanding as my workplace has had shipping impacted as well. I was just curious as to you guy’s status up there.
      I would have emailed you guys directly but it seemed the email form wasn’t working quite right.
      Thank you!

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      Todd PenlandTodd Penland

      Thanks for the message Tyler. I answered separately on your order page awhile ago, however I wanted to answer here as well so that others can see it. Shipping delays have been spotty – with some suppliers experiencing no delays and others experiencing significant delays – so it really depends on what you’re ordering. Generally speaking, the more essential the item is the less likely it will be for you to experience a delay. Foods, treats, cleaning products, etc. tend to go out just as quickly as they ever did while cages, perches, and toys may be delayed for a few days.

      In your particular case you ordered some glass terrariums which we generally don’t ship (the same is true of most large breakable products) because the cost of shipping a single unit (or even two units as in your case) is enormous. What we do in cases like yours is locate a supplier near you (as near as possible) who has what you want, and then we pay them to supply it for you. Your shipping location is a bit remote so finding a supplier near you has taken longer than usual, but we may have a lead on one as of today. I’m just waiting for information back from them (hopefully tomorrow) so that we can complete your order.

      If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Thanks!

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      Todd PenlandTodd Penland

      P.S. Thanks for the heads up about the contact form. That has been fixed now but feel free to use the forums anytime. Either way we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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