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As we all come to grips with the news of nine (9) COVID-19 / Coronavirus deaths in the greater Seattle area, this seems like a good time to implement some changes in our business to help (as much as we can) prevent infections.

Free/Discounted Product Delivery Offered Until Further Notice

Port Orchard Parrots Plus remains open for regular business hours during this public health emergency.  We ask that customers who are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms contact us  - especially those who live within a five mile radius of the store - as we will be offering free product delivery to those customers who need it for the duration of this outbreak.

Delivery Schedule

Customers who live more than five miles from the store may take advantage of discounted delivery service either at their homes (or workplaces) or at a set time and place (probably park-and-ride locations) to be determined soon. This is our tentative delivery schedule for those who want to take advantage of this service:

Port Orchard

Gig Harbor




Daily (Tuesday through Friday)





Clean Hands are Key To Stemming this Outbreak

Hand sanitizer is available at the checkout desk in both the parrot shop and the coin shop and we encourage all visitors (whether they are symptomatic or not) to use the sanitizer (or use our kitchen facility to wash hands) immediately upon arrival in the store and before leaving. We don’t as yet know how effective hand sanitizer will be in neutralizing this virus so hand washing is the preferred option until we know more.

Staff / Volunteer Health and Safety

Staff and volunteers are asked to stay home if they are experiencing ANY cold or flu symptoms or if they have come into contact with anyone who is.

Check Here for Updates

This post will be updated as we learn more.  Thanks for your cooperation and please stay safe!  This too shall pass.

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