March Special: 10% Off Products for Wild Birds and Animals

Wildlife Lovers Rejoice!

Did you know that Port Orchard Parrots Plus | carries products for wildlife lovers too? Well we do, and during the month of March we’re lowering our regular prices on products for wild birds and animals (which are already guaranteed to be the lowest available in-store or online) by 10%.  Add rewards points (up to 5%) and in-store pickup of online orders (another 5%) and you can save an astonishing 20% off regular retail prices – but only during the month of March.  Now is the time to stock up for spring, summer, and fall.  Here are some examples:

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Safflower SeedPro Tip: Use Safflower Seed to Protect Your Bird Feeders from Squirrels

Squirrel Eating from Bird FeederSquirrels generally love seeds and – as anyone with an outdoor bird feeder can attest – will quickly relieve you and your birds of their food.  Wild birds love safflower seed but squirrels don’t.  This year, offer safflower seed and other foods that squirrels don’t like and watch your wild bird population boom!  Be sure to feed the squirrels elsewhere though.  They need love too!


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