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New Species of Amazon Parrot Discovered in Mexico – Smithsonian Magazine

New Study
Scientists say that just 100 blue-winged Amazons, which have distinctive markings and a special telephone call, exist in the wild
Brigit Katz
There have to do with 30 types of vibrantly tinted parrots that rise via the skies of Mexico, the Caribbean as well as South America. But a new cosy relative may soon be added to the Amazona category. As Ian Sample reports for the Guardian, a team of scientists believes they have found a never-before-seen species of the parrot on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.Miguel Gómez Garza, an ornithologist at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, first identified the birds in 2014. He was conducting research study in the Yucatán when he heard an unusual phone call originating from the trees. Garza observed a group of parrots that resembled the, however the sound they were making was brief, sharp and hawk-like– really different from the sobs of other parrots in the location.”I might not believe it,”Garza informed Example.”The different noise came from a different parrot.” The recently discovered bird also presented unique markings, which are explained in
a research published recently in the journal PeerJ. Intense red tuft sprouts from the parrot’s forehead. Its crown is environment-friendly and its wing feathers arebright blue, leading Garza and also a team of scientists to call the parrot the”Blue-winged” More formally, the parrot has actually been dubbed Amazona gomezgarzai in Garza’s honor.According to a press launch, the new parrot resides in groups of much less than 12 people. Mated sets often tend to stay with each other with their children, and also are discernible within the bigger group. The Blue-winged Amazon suches as to bite on fruit, blossoms and also seeds, and also it is possible that the parrot mimics the cry of a hawk to terrify various other birds away from yummy treats, Sample reports.To examine the parrots close, Garza got consent from Mexican authorities to catch a man and women participant of the types. With the assistance of Tony Silva, an independent bird scientist in Florida, and also Pawel Mackiewicz, a geneticist at the University of Wroclaw in Poland, he determined the birds and also took examples of mitochondrial DNA– genetic product that is passed from mom to kid. The examinations suggest that the brand-new types is fairly young, progressing from the white-fronted Amazona albifrons concerning 120,000 years ago.But not all experts are encouraged the bird is a brand-new varieties. John Bates, an associate curator at the Field Museum in Chicago, tells Traci Watson for National Geographic that the genetics studied by the scientists are “extremely weak” for types recognition.”I ‘d directly such as to see even more genetic work before making any kind of conclusions regarding this,”he informs Watson. Responding to this objection, Mackiewicz says that the team considered the same genes as other parrot studies.If the Blue-winged is in truth an unique species, it is also an uncommon one. Scientists approximate that just 100 blue-winged Amazons exist in the wild, and
they fear that habitat destruction and the unlawful family pet trade threaten the birds’survival. Subsequently, the writers of the research study argue, executing a preservation program for this unique parrot ought to be a top priority.
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