Flukers Grub Bag Calcium Fortified Treats for Bearded Dragons (4 oz)

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Fluker’s Calcium Fortified Bearded Dragon Treat Omnivore Blend?an all-natural food for your pet reptile, offering a wholesome and nutrition-packed treat. Insects naturally serve as prey for many reptiles, providing them with a high protein source. This Omnivore Mix goes beyond by incorporating quality vegetables and fruits, appealing to the taste buds of all omnivorous reptiles. Our advanced drying technology ensures the retention of rich flavors while delivering a healthy treat for your pet reptile. Plus, our mix is calcium-fortified, ensuring your reptile receives essential mineral support. Simply add water for quick and convenient preparation. Ideal for bearded dragons, water dragons, box turtles, blue-tongued skinks, iguanas, and other omnivorous reptiles. With its resealable pouch, Fluker’s Bearded Dragon Treat Omnivore Mix offers convenience during feeding sessions. Give your reptile the joy of a natural and nourishing treat with Fluker’s Bearded Dragon Treat Omnivore Mix.

  • 100% all-natural and preservative-free
  • Calcium fortified for essential mineral support
  • Incorporates quality vegetables, insects, and fruits for a balanced meal
  • Ideal for bearded dragons, water dragons, box turtles, blue-tongued skinks, and other omnivorous reptiles
  • Resealable pouch for convenient feeding

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