JurassiPet JurassiCal Reptile and Amphibian Dry Calcium Supplement (2.6oz)

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JurassiCal is a concentrated (400, 000 ppm) phosphorus free source of calcium for reptiles and amphibians. Herbivorous and carnivorous diets are frequently calcium deficient and phosphorus rich. Thus, it is of no benefit to use a calcium supplement containing phosphorus. Ideally the dietary calcium to phosphorus (Ca: P) ratio should be no less than 1. 2: 1 and is ideally maintained from 2: 1 up to 8: 1 (depending on the species). Lack of calcium in the diet can lead to metabolic bone disease and shell deformities and soft shells in turtles and tortoises. JurassiCal is also Vitamin D3 free. Although Vitamin D3 is required for calcium processing, it could easily build to toxic levels if it were part of a frequently used calcium supplement. Vitamin D3 is more safely supplemented as part of a comprehensive and well balanced vitamin supplement like JurassiVite. ngredients: calcium carbonate, Analysis: Calcium (min): 36%, Calcium (max): 40%

  • Calcium Supplement For Reptiles And Amphibians
  • A Concentrated Phosphate Free Source Of Calcium For Reptiles And Amphibians
  • Free Of Phosphorus To Allow For Easier Balancing Of The Calcium To Phosphorus Ratio Ideal For Reptiles
  • Also Free Of Vitamin D3 Which In Excessive Amounts Can Be Toxic And Lead To Hyperkalemia

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