More Birds Bird Health Plus Prestige Hummingbird Feeder (13 oz capacity)

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Birds help keep our ecosystem healthy, so help keep birds healthy too with the More Birds Bird Health+ collection. Bird Health+ products are made of bird-safe, BPA-free materials and recyclable parts. The More Birds Bird Health+ Prestige Hummingbird Feeder features soft ports and a double perch ring design that optimize the feeding angle and comfort for all species of hummingbirds. Hummingbirds easily feed from the 5 bee guard ports, but bees and wasps are stopped right in their tracks. The Prestige features a spiral glass bottle and a bronze top and base. The wide bottle opening makes filling easy and cleaning a breeze. A built-in hanger is included for easy hanging. With a 13 ounce nectar capacity, the Prestige provides plenty of nectar to keep hummingbirds happy and coming back for more!

  • BPA-free and recyclable
  • Soft ports and double perch ring design optimize the feeding angle and comfort for all species of hummingbirds
  • 5 bee guard ports – hummingbirds can easily feed, but bees & wasps cant
  • Easily disassembles for convenient filling and cleaning
  • 13 oz nectar capacity

Cleaning: Dirty feeders spread disease. We recommend disinfecting your nectar feeders every three to five days, or more frequently if you notice your nectar has become cloudy. Do not put your feeder in the dishwasher as the high temperatures can permanently damage the feeder parts. Soak all parts in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Use a bird feeder brush to brush away grime inside the feeder.

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