Rio Plus Aqua Pump / Powerhead (200 Pump [138 GPH])

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Rio Plus Aqua Power Head Pumps 50, 90, 180 are most often used for table top fountains, Rio 400, 600 are perfect for small aquariums and larger fountains and Rio 1100, 3100 are great for aquarium or pond use.

  • For wet/dry filters, venturi protein skimmers, undergravel filtering systems, ponds and fountains
  • Use as a submersible pump only!
  • Inlet screen prevents debris from damaging the impeller

Rio pumps are submersible and are not to be used as external pumps. May be used with the Rio Pro Filter and/or Rio Large Fountain Heads. These pumps do not have an inlet for tubing to attach to.

To assess your aquarium needs you should consider a pump that circulates 4 times tank volume for freshwater and 5 times for salt water. The use of filters or when bringing water up more than 1 foot will begin to reduce the total GPH flow and should be considered. Pond circulation should be 2-3 times volume of small ponds. Larger ponds should have circulation as close to total volume as possible. All Rio pumps come with a flow control valve that allows you to adjust the output to meet the needs of your water project. Models include 6ft / 1.8m cord. Pumps operate at 115V / 60Hz and come with power transformer with UL, CSA, GS, CE, SAA listings available.

Model 50: 69 GPH (Max Head 1′)
Model 90: 85 GPH (Max Head 2′)
Model 180: 120 GPH (Max Head 3′)
Model 400: 144 GPH (Max Head 3.5′)
Model 600: 200 GPH (Max Head 4′)
Model 800: 211 GPH (Max Head 5′)
Model 1100: 300 GPH (Max Head 6′)
Model 1400: 420 GPH (Max Head 6.5′)
Model 1700: 642 GPH (Max Head 6′)
Model 2500: 748 GPH (Max Head 10′)
Model 3100: 900 GPH (Max Head 10′)

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