FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Rescue & Sanctuary

I've found a wild bird that needs help. What should I do?

If you’re in the West Puget Sound area, contact West Sound Wildlife Shelter. If you’re in another area, contact the nearest wild animal rescue for advice.



What are backorders?

We do our very best to keep our product catalog updated with the most current stock information both from within our Port Orchard storefront as well as the many vendors we rely on across the country to fill orders for products that we don’t physically stock in-store.  Sometimes we receive orders for items that were in stock as of the last vendor update but have sense become out-of-stock.  When this happens we place your order on backorder status, pending notification from our supplier(s) that the product is once again available for shipping.

What happens when an item is backordered?

You will automatically receive an email message when your order status changes to “Backorder” telling you that one or more of the items you’ve ordered is temporarily out of stock.  This email will give you several options including:

  • Waiting for your item(s) to become available again.
  • Substituting similar item(s)
  • Cancelling your order for a full refund.

When will my backordered item(s) arrive?

Most backorders are resolved within a few days.  If we know the date that a supplier expects to receive an item that is on backorder we will show that date on the product page.  You can get to the product page by using the link in your order confirmation email.  We also notify all customers with pending orders of that item of the expected arrival date by email.

In most cases we do not know when a product that is being supplied by an outside vendor will be available, and most of these vendors will not provide that information on a single product.  Instead they will update their data feed which is then imported into our system, allowing us to subsequently notify you.

Is there a time limit on backorders?

Yes.  By default our system will not allow an order to remain on backorder status longer than thirty (30) days, at which time the order is automatically cancelled and a full refund processed without you having to do anything at all.

Of course you are not required to wait thirty days if you’d like to change or cancel your order earlier.  You may do at any time as long as your order remains in backorder status.  Once the status changes to “Processing” (which means your item is in-stock and ready for shipment) it can no longer be cancelled