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How to Save BIG on Your Purchases from Port Orchard Parrots Plus |

Competitive Price Matching

Is our price higher than those of our competitors? Let us know about it and we’ll do our best to meet or beat it. With over 32,000 (and growing) products available to us it’s impossible for us to check competitor pricing for all of them. You are our secret shoppers and we will reward you for the information you provide.

Likewise, if our shipping charges seem high to you it may be because the product you’re buying is stocked by a third party and drop-shipped to you by them on our behalf. It’s possible we’ve never stocked that item and that the weight and measurements we’ve entered in our system are incorrect. If you have that product already and know the correct weight and dimensions, tell us about it. We’ll compare your information to that in our system and if you’ve provided information we didn’t already have we will reward you for that too!

Frequent Flyer Rewards

As a member of our Frequent Flyer Rewards program you earn points for every purchase you make. These points may then be used to reduce the cost of future purchases. Restrictions: Points expire one year from the date they are earned and may only redeemed for a maximum of five (5%) percent of your purchase. Points may generally be combined with other discounts (such as coupons and public service rewards) to achieve even greater savings, however there are some exceptions.

To join our Frequent Flyer Rewards program, just create a user account on this website and be sure to log into that account whenever you purchase anything online. When shopping in our store we will always ask you if you have an account and any purchases you make there will also earn points.

Public Service Rewards

Verified paid membership/donations and/or volunteer work with animal rescue organizations may entitle you to additional savings on most products. For example, volunteers for (and donors to) Port Orchard Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary (own own in-house non-profit) receive a ten (10%) discount on most purchases as a token of our gratitude for the work they do and the support they give to our homeless parrots.

Likewise, paid members of Olympic Bird Fanciers also receive a ten (10%) discount on most purchases.

Public Service Rewards may often be combined with Frequent Flyer Rewards and other discounts to achieve even greater savings. Once again there are exceptions.

If you would like to enroll your non-profit organization in our Public Service Rewards program, please contact us with information about your organization and we will look into it.

Pre-Order Out of Stock Products

When you pre-order out of stock products you help us reach minimum purchase requirements set by our suppliers in order to get free shipping. Free shipping helps us keep our costs low and we pass those savings on to you in the form of discounts for pre-orders.

Buying in Bulk

The more of any individual product you buy, the less it costs per product. We set discount levels on products for which we receive a discount from the manufacturer/distributor so that you also receive the advantage we receive from buying in bulk.

Product Reviews

Verified buyers of products from Port Orchard Parrots Plus earn discounts for original reviews that they write on our product pages. The more reviews you write the more you save.


You may earn additional discounts on the products you buy when you share those products with your friends and family member via your social media accounts.


Port Orchard Parrots Plus Coupons

Watch your email for special coupons from Port Orchard Parrots Plus for additional savings.

Manufacturer Coupons / Other Store Coupons

Any coupon that has not expired and may be redeemed by us with the issuer is acceptable at Port Orchard Parrots Plus. If you’re not sure, contact us before making your purchase and we’ll look into it for you.

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