What’s Happening With Harrison’s?

Harrisons Bird Foods

Why We’re Having Trouble Stocking Harrison’s Food Products Right Now

I’ve disappointed a few people over the past few weeks with assurances that my new Harrison’s shipment would be arriving soon – and then not. I’m still working on it but there’s a bit of a problem with this particular brand that a small business like mine has some trouble overcoming. I’ll try to explain, starting with this announcement from May 10 of this year:

Harrison's Amazon Sales Restriction Policy
Harrison’s Amazon Sales Restriction Policy

Harrison’s Is Competing with it’s Own Distributors and Resellers

I want to start by saying that I think Harrison’s is a great product and a great company.  None of this information is meant to disparage either, but simply to inform you of the challenges I’m facing due to a change in Harrison’s online sales policy.

In May of this year Harrison’s notified all of their distributors and resellers that they would no longer honor certain orders placed on Amazon.com – the biggest online marketplace of all – and that our ability to continue selling their products (even in our retail stores) could be jeopardized if we are found in violation of this policy.  As I understand it, Harrison’s is now selling directly to the public on Amazon which is putting a lot of pressure on distributors and retailers alike who have to cut their prices in order to compete directly with the manufacturer – a game which is ultimately unwinnable for anyone but the manufacturer.  It’s an unfortunate decision by Harrison’s that we have no option but to follow.

As a result of this, both of my Harrison’s distributors have now told me that they won’t fill orders for Harrison’s products alone; that I’ll have to order a significant quantity (about 50% of each total order) of other products in order to receive any Harrison’s products at all.  If you’ve ever had a business like mine, you probably know already that I can’t afford to buy a bunch of products I don’t really need just so I can get the one product I do need.

I thought perhaps buying directly (as a reseller) from Harrison’s would be an answer to this problem, but after several contacts with the company I’ve come up empty handed.  They will not sell directly to small stores like mine; we must purchase our products through their approved distributors.

Now What?

I intend to continue carrying Harrison’s products because I have so many customers who really like them, but until I can come up with enough orders for toys and other supplies that these particular distributors carry I have to wait.

You Can Help Relieve This Temporary Shortage

If you (and anyone else you know who buys Harrison’s products) would be willing to help us compile a big enough order to overcome this temporary shortage it would be immensely helpful.

You can do this by back-ordering out-of-stock Harrison’s products, toys, and other bird supplies through Port Orchard Parrots Plus or POParrots.com.  This is not only a big help for us, but a great deal for you if you can afford to wait a few weeks to pick up your order.  By combining your order with ours  you won’t have to pay any shipping charges, and you can use your rewards points and in-store pickup discounts to save as much as 20% off the retail price. Hopefully that incentive will make it worth the inconvenience of waiting.

If this is something you might consider, just click (or press) the image below to browse our Harrison’s products.

Harrisons Bird Foods

Questions? Comments?

As always, I’m available to respond to any questions or comments you may have about this.  I will do my level best to resolve this as quickly as I possibly can and adjust my purchasing plans so that I buy more toys and other products from my Harrison’s suppliers going forward.  Any help you can offer at this time to speed that process along is greatly appreciated.

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